The Finding

Walking home her pouch nice and full of her latest gathering of ingredients as well as a full bag of fresh vegetables and fruits Zsophia hummed her favorite tune without care in the world. I need to get used to these colder… Yikes!” Suddenly her foot started to move the wrong way and her ankle turned sharply to the outside. After falling to the ground, she sat up and dusted her self off.

“Oh no my pouch!” All of the contents had spilled out all over the place “My food!” She sighed. As she put her knee down to get up she felt something sharp. “Ouch what the heck?” Looking under her cloak she was a green crystal on a chain like a necklace.

“Well if I had been stepped and kneeled on I would be sharp and mad as well. I apologize.” She said to the little green stone. Wincing she moved to gather everything back to their proper places she looked again at the crystal.

“Well I expect I ought to take you with me. After talking with The Ivae’ness and Leah you may be part of this mystery. Someone must be missing you. Also…” She held up the necklace she saw the light play oddly through it. “There is something quite different about you. I have not seen anything like you here. I should like to learn more of you.” Putting the crystal necklace into her pouch Zsophia limped her way home.


The terror of the gardens or how the whap ‘em stick got its name

Looking out the window she squealed in cheer. “Go blue go! Go red go!” The little elf cheered both sides as she watched them fight. It was a special type of fighting papa called sparing. It was practice fighting for something the adults called war. All the little girl knew that it was fun to watch. The one she liked the best was the sticks. They were not as scary or loud as swords. Bows had arrows that flew far and seemed hard to use. She liked the sticks. They made a fun whap sound.

“Oh ho! A little warrior.” Her father laughed. “Which do you like?”

“I like the whap ‘em sticks!” She clapped.

“A whap ‘em stick eh? Are you going to use them for war?” Papa asked the little girl.

“Yes Papa… what is war?” Innocent green eyes asked.

“It is an adult thing.” Mama said. “You are too little for war or swords.”

“She does not like swords.” Papa promised.

“So, what is it then?”

“Whap ‘em sticks.” He laughed at the new name. “Do not worry little girls do not play with whap ‘em sticks. You can’t even pick one up.” He teased.

“I can so!” The little black braid swung as she stomped out to the field to where the fighters were cooling off. “I can to pick it up papa see!” She looked at the stick. It was bigger when she was up close. She tried to pick it up in the middle, but she couldn’t She went to one end and pulled up on it. After a moment it raised up. “See Papa! I can to pick up the whap ‘em stick”

The men laughed as they watched the daughter of their lord looked so pleased with herself. The innocent name given to the weapon amused them as well.

“Little one, You must pick it up in the middle.” Papa said somberly. “You may try again in one year to pick it up.”

“We will put it up in a special place it will be your … whap ‘em stick.” One of the men promised with a smile at the determined child.

She smiled and kissed the old warrior on the cheek then bounced to her Papa and Mama. Next year she was able to pick it up a little closer to the middle. The following year even closer.

One day excited after watching the men she found a whap ‘em stick her size. The gardener left it out so she picked it up. It swung for her but the trunk the tree did not make a whap sound. She tried the tall grass near the koi pond. No whap sound. With a shrug she said “whap!” Swung again then “whap” again.

Soon she was going around the garden swinging her stick yelling “whap!” And hitting things. “Whap wap! Whap whap!” Flowers fell to her mighty stick. “Whap whap! Whap whap!” she cut down the other side in war. She had learned that war was a big fight where people hit hard. “Whap Whap!” Petals flew.

“Zsophia!” Papa called. “What are you doing?” He seemed annoyed but there was laughter in his eyes. “How did the garden offend you?” He gestured all around them.

“The garden offends?” Looking around she saw the remnants of berry bushes and flowers and other plants lay on the ground. “It didn’t …..I guess I just… it is my size.” She blinked holding up the stick. “I was making war.”

“Looking more grave papa sat down. “Little one…. See then end of your whap ‘em stick? See the berry juice on it?”

“Don’t you dare! I forbid.” Mama came running over. “You will hand over that whap ‘em stick. You will help fix this garden. I forbid you trying to pick up that whap ‘em stick this year. You are not for war. You are a healer!”

“Beloved…” Papa began. “Healers are needed in war.”

“I do not care! She is my daughter too and I put my foot down here and forbid for ten years. During which you will put time in other things.” Mama was not in jest.

“For ten years it is.” Papa nodded. “Zsophia you will study other thigs. We will still keep your whap ‘em stick. So, if you want to you may try again in ten years.

Zsophia finds a new home

Loving her home in Caledon Zsophia knew it was time to spread her wings and stretch her legs. She wandered through lands new and old. Seeing much of what the grid has to offer. Seeing some things she wish she could forget. Taking pictures keeping a song in her mind. It sings “I’m a…” As she learns more of the grid she learns more of who she is.

Along the way she seemed to loose her tail and cat ears and in stead sprouted new elven ears. loving them she found her way back to Caledon then away again a always returning to her motherland before she went and looked again unwilling to be to long away. If for no other reason she saw friends at the gatherings.

One day when wandering with a friend they stumbled upon a new land. Wandering around they discovered the land is called Valinor. It being a home to elves. Then she discovered that it was attached to a much larger land called Dunaisling.

Now she has her motherland to travel to at times and her new home in Valinor which is in an ancient tree next to the library. Many new adventures await here which may be put in her journal here…

She still is about!

Frighteningly this is a near thing.

I was just within the last few days released from Hospital them having found blood clots in my lungs and leg and a hole in my heart.

I am doing ok, I need to look to healing and strengthening myself again. IT is going to be something of a process.

I am still in SL hiding from many. Sundays are generally my off SL day. Going to be more involved in a few things and letting others go.

I have been been going through many different changes.

I have lost someone dear to my heart to death.

There has been much going on.

So Z is back here and there byes

Talk About a Rude Awakening.

Well Comicon here was amazing. I had fun and will write about it tomorrow. For now I am going to tel you about my morning.

Now keep in mind we have found some bees in the house as of late. And I am allergic to them.

I thought that I was asleep and hearing a buzzing. My thought? Seriously I am dreaming about the wretched things? Wait I am not sleeping. There is one of the dang things in my room!

Then I felt and heard it. The lack of buzzing and the light touch of something on my cheek. I felt movement. Oh dear lord it landed on me.I did not move, did not breathe. Then I heard buzzing and the feeling left my cheek.

I opened my eyes and saw it on the curtains. As I was opening and leaving my room I was putting on my robe I wanted out and now!

So I go up stirs a bit shaky and tell my roommate about it. She is the bee catcher She goes in and comes out she did not see or hear it.

Fine I am getting dressed and out of there. I grabbed some clothing out of my tall drawers and stood up. I am now face to face with the bee.

I call my roomie she goes in and she gets it. I get dressed and leave the room. Then I have my breakfast.

I am not sure how long my adrenaline rush lasted but it was a while.

Now I have heard ha the fear response were fight or flight. I add a new one freeze. It saved me from a sting to say the least.