She still is about!

Frighteningly this is a near thing.

I was just within the last few days released from Hospital them having found blood clots in my lungs and leg and a hole in my heart.

I am doing ok, I need to look to healing and strengthening myself again. IT is going to be something of a process.

I am still in SL hiding from many. Sundays are generally my off SL day. Going to be more involved in a few things and letting others go.

I have been been going through many different changes.

I have lost someone dear to my heart to death.

There has been much going on.

So Z is back here and there byes


Talk About a Rude Awakening.

Well Comicon here was amazing. I had fun and will write about it tomorrow. For now I am going to tel you about my morning.

Now keep in mind we have found some bees in the house as of late. And I am allergic to them.

I thought that I was asleep and hearing a buzzing. My thought? Seriously I am dreaming about the wretched things? Wait I am not sleeping. There is one of the dang things in my room!

Then I felt and heard it. The lack of buzzing and the light touch of something on my cheek. I felt movement. Oh dear lord it landed on me.I did not move, did not breathe. Then I heard buzzing and the feeling left my cheek.

I opened my eyes and saw it on the curtains. As I was opening and leaving my room I was putting on my robe I wanted out and now!

So I go up stirs a bit shaky and tell my roommate about it. She is the bee catcher She goes in and comes out she did not see or hear it.

Fine I am getting dressed and out of there. I grabbed some clothing out of my tall drawers and stood up. I am now face to face with the bee.

I call my roomie she goes in and she gets it. I get dressed and leave the room. Then I have my breakfast.

I am not sure how long my adrenaline rush lasted but it was a while.

Now I have heard ha the fear response were fight or flight. I add a new one freeze. It saved me from a sting to say the least.


So I was on Netflix being brain fryed (still am) and I decide to watch a documentary. It is called Stripped. I am curious. It is about comic Strips. Cool I like those.

It is an interesting Documentary it brings up many ideas and historical facts. It speaks to many comic strip artists and I realize that there are some comics that have been taken out of the paper and yes this is a bummer. They also bring up Web comics. Phooey I like mine in print! (Yes I can be a throwback) If I can find some I am missing ok I will have a look.

So after the show I figure fine I said I would give it a try  let’s see what I can find. Dogpile for the search. ok we will check it out.

oooooooooooo happy day!! I found bloom county!!!!! And a few others I like and they have the archive…. Oooooo it goes back quite a bit….. Sweet many I likes and have been missing. Ok make free account.

Now an artist from the show… Kate Beaton… Makes a cartoon about historical figures…. Dogpile….ok it is called Hark, a vagrant…. lets look…. Oh lordy! (insert giggles) ok archive let’s just have a look… (groans at joke)…. ok I like this one.

So what is this about? Meh nothing much but if you are like me and like comics The Web is a good place for them so 4 recommendations.

1) Dogpile for searches

2) Stripped Netflix

3) for alot of different comics

4) Hark! A Vagrant For a snicker worthy comic

ok so two things

first thing it is finally done!!!!! I blame the Sex Pistols for this beginning it in the first place.

I went to play my Sex Pistols album only to find it had disappeared. This is bad I mean very freaking bad.

Well I figure it is on the other computer. Much to my relief it was. So I go to throw it on the portable hard drive and there it is giggling at me. (it is the Sex Pistols you know they were laughing their collective Arses off)

Ok fine I go to transfer it over and have a good listen. Grumble grumble it does not want to play nice. Crud I have to do  this the long way. Sigh.

The long was being I have to dig through stuff I already have on the computer to put this on. As I am in the iTunes folder I come to a realization. Ya know I have not seen this on my player and I had been thinking that my player was rather light. But meh I want my Sex Pistols thank you very much! So I go through and listen to each song and am happy bunny.

Ya know I ough to check on the song. I click it and oh wow it was not on. Not a problem I will listen to it too. So I listen and enjoy. Wait that one is not either? Meh. I kick back and enjoy that one. That one isn’t either…. So doing a quick scan I realize. Oh lord none of these are on my player. OoooooK We know what to do click it let it start go on to next. So that is what I do.

I can’t believe it about three quarters of my music is not on my player? I only have one quarter on? Oh Lord this is going to take a bit.

Four hours later I have been at this and I am about to lose my mind. I surrender for the last two hours of the night. Right then it is morning and let’s get this thing done.

Two hours hours I am doing my happy dance (no musical accompaniment) I am done!!!! Go up heat up a couple of homemade tamales. Oh wait. I need to check if I….

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I am calling it done!!!

It is all the Sex Pistols fault!

The Second thing. Either tonight or tomorrow I am done with my self imposed exile from Second Life. I get it now. I have seen what I can accomplish without it on. My favorite excuse for staying one was dealing with my inventory which is an unholy mess. It is never going to be completely finished. Time to take my OCD an look at something else.

I will be AFK at times when I am on so I can get some things done. But ya I get it. Lesson learned I think. Besides I miss talking to my friends.

O,o Dr. Who is right?

Watching a show on quantum physics.

Yes I am a proud geek you out to look on Netflix cool things to be found.

Ok. so electrons can be in two places at once.

It matters if we watch it or not. If we watch it the electrons are particles  if we don’t look a them they are waves O,o

When we do not watch them the physicists say that they were waves when we open our eyes and now they are particles an it looks like they always have been. So it is like they go back in time back to where they were fired from change from waves into particles.

And there is the thing called tunneling where for an electron to get through the wall the past borrows energy from the future so the now can become the future…

Also the idea of this wold is actually happening in such a way that every decision actually sprouts not just the decision you made (burger or salad) you think you made one decision but a different you in a different universe (helps the idea of the multi-verse) So technicality you have both.

Oh also supports the M theory for the model of the multi-verse I always liked that one the best of the three most poplar. (remember the geek thing)

If you ask me this whole thing is wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. Only certain people actually get it and the rest of us nod and smile and go along for the ride. be it the TARDIS or through a screen

So Dr. Who is right!!


Oh an the most of these things can be explained with  baseball and a wall.